All-in-one platform for plant lovers.

I had the pleasure of working on a remarkable project that catered to the growing community of plant enthusiasts in the UAE. This e-commerce platform was designed and developed from the ground up to provide an exceptional shopping experience for those who appreciate the beauty of greenery.

  • The frontend of the platform was crafted using Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS. This combination resulted in a visually stunning and responsive user interface, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across various devices.
  • For the backend, I chose Node.js and Express, paired with MongoDB for data storage. This robust architecture ensures data reliability and scalability, making it possible to accommodate the growing demand for plant purchases.
  • Admin Panel: The project included a admin panel. Vendors can easily create and edit product listings, categorize items, and efficiently manage user accounts and orders. Generating order bills is now a simplified process.
  • User Features: On the user side, the platform offers dynamic product listings with advanced filtering options. Shoppers can filter products by categories, prices, and perform efficient searches. The product details page provides comprehensive information, and a user-friendly cart page simplifies the checkout process.
  • Seamless Transactions: Stripe integration ensures secure and seamless payment processing.simplifying the purchase process.
  • User Engagement: User registration is straightforward, with user-friendly signup and login functionality. Registered users can manage their profiles, track their orders, and receive updates on order statuses, creating a personalized shopping experience.
  • Real-time Order Status Notifications: We've implemented a feature where order status updates are sent to customers via email using Nodemailer. This communication keeps buyers informed about the progress of their orders, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

It was a privilege to contribute to the world of e-commerce and plant appreciation in the UAE.



IT Solutions Company Website

Created a responsive web application using Next.js, to satisfy the needs of an IT Solutions company based in the UAE...

  • Highlighting services, expertise, and mission, providing visitors with a clear understanding of the company's offerings.
  • Instant Connection: Enhanced communication with WhatsApp and social media integration,making client interaction seamless.
  • Implemented a user-friendly contact form using EmailJS, enabling visitors to reach out to the company directly. This smooth communication process enhances customer
  • Engaging Design: A UI with Tailwind,Framer Motion and Gsap animations for a cutting-edge look.
  • Compatibility with a responsive design approach. The website is optimized for various screen sizes, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

The Modern technologies and a well-structured codebase sets the project up for future scalability



Dynamic Women's Clothing Web Application

Successfully designed and developed a dynamic women's clothing web application, implementing a wide range of features...

  • Admin can added and updated website banners,enhancing the visual appeal of the application and Efficiently managed product categories, facilitating easy navigation for users.
  • Implemented a comprehensive product management system, allowing the addition, updating, and deletion of products with multiple photos and detailed information in admin panel
  • Designed and implemented an easy order management system, streamlining the process for admins to change order statuses in admin panel.
  • A user-friendly, responsive design for the home page, incorporating banners, categories, best-selling products, and recommended items for an enhanced user experience.
  • A product details page with multiple photos, enabling users to view products from various angles.
  • Created a convenient cart system, allowing users to add items by selecting sizes and providing similar product suggestions
  • Developed a powerful search feature, making it effortless for users to find their desired products
  • Integrated user profile management, enabling users to edit their profiles and manage their information
  • Facilitated smooth transactions with a secure (Cash on Delivery) and online payments using the Razorpay payment gateway
  • Successfully integrated Google login, offering users a convenient option to sign in with their existing Google accounts and also secure and seamless user login and signup functionality

Utilizing my skills and idea, this project shows my ability to deliver user-friendly web applications, and showcases my proficiency in both front-end and back-end development.



Clone of netflix page

Created a web application of netflix using React,To get latest update on movies and shows...

  • Implemented a movie browsing experience similar to Netflix's interface.
  • Utilized the TMDB movie database API for fetching movie information and images.
  • Categorized movies based on genres, enhancing user experience.
  • UI design and engaging animations crafted using Framer Motion.
  • Integrated YouTube trailers for each movie, providing additional information.
  • Hosted the application on Netlify for easy accessibility.

The contents and data is dynamically updated automatically



Clone of Olx Basic Features

Developed a web application similar to OLX, featuring user authentication, product listing, and viewing capabilities. The backend is powered by Firebase, and the frontend is built with React.js.

  • Implemented user authentication to allow users to create accounts and log in.
  • Designed user interfaces for adding and viewing products, ensuring an intuitive experience.
  • Utilized Firebase for backend services such as authentication and data storage.
  • Created a user-friendly dashboard for users to manage their product listings.

Combining backend and frontend technologies,I created a platform for buying and selling products.


I hereby declare that all the information provided here is authentic to the best of my knowledge.

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